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  • Alix at Kerzafloc'h in July 2000 [view 2], full face view, Marie-Claire Raoul

    "Alix at Kerzafloc'h in July 2000, full face view

  • Alix full-face, reduction to 13 shades of grey, Manual codification on digital printing paper photography, Marie-Claire Raoul

    « Reduction → Approximation », digitalisation of the photograph of Alix (full-face view) taken in July 2000 at Kerzafloc'h. Posterized. Manual codification on paper in 13 shades of grey.

  • Manual codification of the photograph of Alix in full-face view (detailed), Marie-Claire Raoul

    « Reduction → Approximation » (détailed)

Approximate demarcation

I established a pattern to make a tapestry out of this photograph of Alix taken in July 2000 in the garden of Kerzafloc’h. Said pattern is the result of manual method and computer method combined. It consists of a first computerised reduction of the shades of grey, then of an approximate demarcation with the naked eye of the grey areas thus created, of a handwritten report of those areas and finally of the numbered codification of the outlined surfaces on a decimal basis.
This simplification thus goes back and forth between severe binary algorythm, decimal transcription and the constant blur of vision and gesture.

Time period

September 2004

Marie-Claire Raoul | Approximate demarcation
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