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  • "Teucrium fruticans (tree germander)", oil on linen, 20cm*70cm, 19th July 2005

  • "Cotoneaster", Marie-Claire Raoul

    "Cotoneaster", oil on linen hessian, 50cm*100cm, 18th July 2005

  • "Limelight elaeagnus", Marie-Claire Raoul

    "Limelight elaeagnus", pochade, sketch, oil on cotton hessian, 60cm*50cm, 18th July 2005

  • "Hydrangea", Marie-Claire Raoul

    "Hydrangea (on the little path behind the house)", oil on hessian, 100cm*115cm, 19th July 2005

  • "Eleagnus x ebbingei (russian olive)", Marie-Claire Raoul

    "Eleagnus x ebbingei (russian olive)", oil on silk, 70cm*100cm, 17th July 2005

  • "Broom", Marie-Claire Raoul

    "Broom", acrylic paint on silk, 100cm*100cm, 17th July 2005

  • "Berberis", Marie-Claire Raoul

    "Berberis", acrylic paint on cotton hessian, 50cm*70cm, 20th July 2005

From nature

Painting from nature: phrase used to talk about painting nude models, or about copying the very objects one wants to represent.Dictionnary of the french language, old and new, Volume 3, published in 1759, Pierre Richelet (1626-1698)

Time period

17th July 2005 20th July 2005

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