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Transferring the image of the bathing suit taken with the camcorder.

During the thermal transfer, the transfer paper is covered with a thin layer of polymer that sticks with the ink to the textile and “traps” said ink.

Permanent errors and differences between the model and the result are caused by numerous factors – temperature, the pressure of the iron and how long you make it last, the size of the transfer paper, spotting splices. Thus when too much heat is put on the printed film it retracts and becomes a cracked second skin on the textile. In my 4th try a part of the image that was supposed to be mirrored on the textile was horizontally inverted. While working on this same try, I inadvertently left a transfer paper with its film side on the fabric that was still hot, making it impossible to detach and leaving a layer of white paper on the first transfer.

Time period

November 2005


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