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Logo Marie-Claire Raoul
  • Have you seen the true image of Véronique?, Installation with painture of Veronica, veronica branch, text painted on canvas, Marie-Claire Raoul

    "Have you seen the true image of Véronique?", dried veronica branch, paintings, digital printing, thread, 100cm*150cm, July 2010


From left to right and from top to bottom:
a → “Have you seen the true image of Véronique?”, digital printing on hand-sewn hessian over another hessian taut in a frame, 45cm*33cm, July 2010
b → “I am going to cut a branch”, acrylic paint on canvas, 45cm*33cm, July 2010
c → “You are going to die”, oil on machine sewn hessian over non-taut painted hessian, 56cm*41cm, July 2010
d → “Stolen branch”, dried veronica branch from the garden in Kerzafloc’h, cut on the 5th July 2005
e → “Véronique”, acrylic paint on hessian, 40cm*40cm, 5th July 2005

Time period

5th July 2005 July 2010

Marie-Claire Raoul | Véronique
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