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  • Realization step of the [Alix full-face, July 2000] tapestry framed with golden wood, Marie-Claire Raoul

    "Worst-case execution time", realization step of the "Alix full-face, July 2000" tapestry framed with golden wood, 30cm*20cm, December 2005

Worst-case execution time

(The longest a program can take to carry itself out on a given computer hardware)

… When the day and the sunlight had come, the seventh genie expectorated eighty cotton threads that he distributed between the teeth of his upper jaw. He used those as a weaving comb, thus making the odd range of the chain. He did the same with the teeth of his lower jaw to build the even range. By opening and closing his mouth, the genie transcribed the assembly-line movements the loom was forcing on him. And since his whole face was taking part in the work, the ornaments on his nose brought to mind the loom’s pulley, and the ornament on his lower lip was the shuttle. As the threads crossed and uncrossed, the two tips of the genie’s split tongue took turns in pushing the main thread, thus building the strip out of the genie’s mouth in the breath of the second word that was revealed …
… The genie was reciting and his words filled all the cracks in the fabric. They were woven inbetween the threads and were a part of the strip. They were the fabric itself and the fabric was the verb. And that is why fabric translates in soy which means “it is the word”. It also means 7, which is the rank of the one who spoke through weaving …
Water God. Interviews with Ogotemêlli (excerpt), Marcel Griaule.

Time period

Jannuary 2005  Interruption during September 2005


Marie-Claire Raoul | Worst-case execution time
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