Yann Bohac : photographs of the needlework, paintings, elements caught in resin or protected by glass, the photograph of the Conversation avec Ian Installation.

Franck Lebaudy : photographs of the exhibitions, the 3 photographs used in the U.S.A. Installation.

Yannick Marhadour : the photograph from the Air France website used in Paris CDG > Salt Lake City.

Cyril Rayer : the images from the Journal du net website used in The Dream.

Google Steet View : the images used in The Girl with a Red Veil montage. : the Java map put up on Made in Indonesia.

Josiane Quillivic : portrait on page Contact.

Marie-Claire Raoul : every photograph besides those mentioned above.


Marie-Claire Raoul Interview with Alix

Franck Lebaudy Carnival


Pirenko and Marie-Claire Raoul


Jérémie Lebaudy