I was born in Toulon the year 1962. I live and work in Brest.

I graduated the DUPERRÉ National Superior Art School in 1985 and my DSAA dissertation – [Work Clothes and How to Distort Them] – was chosen by Bernard François to be shown at the Néon gallery and the Musée de Louvain La Neuve in Bruxelles.

I worked as a textile designer for Descamps-plage, Dorotennis, Dior, Christian Lacroix and others. Then, in 1989, I was hired as Camille Grandval‘s designer assistant for both the Junior and Blouses departments at Cacharel‘s.
In 1993, I designed textile panels and objects for Frederic De Luca and Agnès Kentish from the gallery En attendant les barbares. My study of textile matter and of light gave way for the designing of lamps, several of which were produced by Agnès Kentish.

From 1999 on, I have directed my work towards more personal research about the relationship between textile, images and identity.
Because computer science progressively infiltrates our environment and all our activities, and because of a possible comparison between fabric and the world wide web, I have gradually come to consider the digital issue as a research subject.
In 2012, I decided to begin a two-year long university course at the Université de Bretagne Occidentale; maybe it was because I needed to know more about this omnipresent virtual world or maybe it was because of my fascination for it. Through that « studying » time, not only was I allowed to approach digital techniques and to be initiated to the language of computer science, but I was also given an idea of how widespread and complex this matter is.
I was particularly stricken when I met mathematician Alexandra Fronville, who is interested in the establishment of complex biological systems.
I will make this new data a part of my work to come.